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*LIMITED EDITION* Confini Licorice Berry Belts

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Berry Belts come in a tin with four mixed fruity flavours: blueberry cherry raspberry and strawberry. Confini the Candy Co. produces wheat flour based candy which is called Licorice. People generally mistake Licorice to be that of the ‰Û÷black aniseed‰Ûª kind. Confini are known for their locally made flavoured Licorice. This range was developed when Chandresh and Simi were looking for affordable customised candy wedding favours and found there was not a lot to choose from! They made the candy and put it in beautiful gold tins and voilÌÊ! Today the candy is all produced in Nairobi with 99% of the ingredients sourced locally and only flavourings imported from Europe. Unlike other great brands Confini‰Ûªs Licorice contain no high fructose corn syrup or gelatine.

Ingredients: Sugar glucose syrup wheat flour veg. fat mod. starch milk powder cocoa powder

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