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Mijini Fresh White Radish Microgreens – 50g

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Mijini Fresh brings high quality, environmentally friendly and sustainable fresh herbs, microgreens and other selected produce to the Kenya market. Mijini Fresh utilizes a revolutionary (or should we say ‘a highly unique’) farming approach for Kenya. Located in Nairobi, the farm is indoor and a fully environmentally controlled vertical farm.

Their goal is to offer the discerning market high quality, consistent year-round supply of the finest microgreens, herbs, and other selected farm produce. And their mission is to close the gap between the farm and the consumer’s table – be it for the passionate home cooks, top restaurants and chefs, or for the neighborhood store – for fresh high-quality produce. Mijini Fresh is driven to produce fresh, local gourmet quality produce grown consistently and sustainably, and available year-round.

What makes the Mijini Fresh farm different is their ability to consistently deliver a high quality, environmentally friendly and sustainable year-round supply to customers. Their closed environment, hydroponic vertical farming method enables them to grow high quality, flavourful produce in a highly controlled environment; eliminate the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals; enables them to keep growing irrespective of the weather, while using 70% – 80% less water compared to traditional farming; and as a truly urban farm, the logistics and drive miles are significantly reduced enabling them and us to deliver fresh!

And remember Microgreens  – like those produced fresh and locally by Mijini Fresh – have a much higher concentration of vitamins, minerals, and protein per unit than all other vegetables. They are rich in amino acids, zinc, selenium, B-vitamins, and vitamin K – all critical in boosting immunity, aiding in weight loss and reducing inflammation in the body. So go ahead order and taste the flavour and feel better by add microgreens to your meal!


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