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Muthaiga Tea Company Cocoa Zambarau – Purple Tea Caddy

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Decadence was never this healthy! The super dose of anthocyanins from purple loose leaf tea is boosted even further with antioxidants from African cacao nibs and blended with Zanzibari coastal coconut that brings a flavour and refinement to the flavour profile.

Dark Chocolate floats boldly on the nose and is followed by the tannins from Kenyan Purple Tea and swirls in the mouth with Zanzibari coconut, to create a balanced that leaves you craving more. This tea was inspired by cold/wintery weather to give one piping hot, cocoa beverage to  be sipped without any guilt.

Cocoa Zambarau provides great company for delectable desserts like almond cake, vanilla sponge cake or coconut cake.

About Muthaiga Tea Company

We have two major goals: encourage women’s entrepreneurship and promote fair treatment of workers in the tea industry.

We work with smallholder farmers that seek to expand their horizons beyond selling their produce for rock bottom prices to volume production for CTC tea. We have fostered relationships with farms to exchange expertise and local know-how, in order to enable the farms to develop top-quality loose leaf tea. We work with farms that ensure the long-term well-being of their workers and comply with the local wage requirements.

​Our goal is to maintain the value chain of tea production within Africa by producing top-quality teas that can be enjoyed by patrons worldwide.

We start with loose leaf African teas sourced from small-holder farmers and then our UK Tea Academy© trained Tea Sommelier uses global techniques devised to create world-class teas, to bring out the flavours of the tea. We then source for ingredients that are proudly African (such as our flowers, herbs, and dried fruits) and blend them with other ingredients that are used in African cuisine – from the traditional to the modern, from warrior tribes to Indian traders.

These are blended in perfect balance to ensure that the tea evokes the uniqueness of Africa- from its soil to the people’s toil, from our food to doing social good. Beauty, balance, complexity, uniqueness: all in a cup, that is proudly African!

Muthaiga Tea Company focuses on sustainability through 3 core principles : Conscious sourcing, Packaging, and Real Intelligence. Read more on this here.

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