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Organic Whole Tilapia - 1Kg (Approx 3 Fish)

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Tilapia is probably the most popular freshwater fish in much of East Africa. We all know and love this fish for its tastiness, and the hefty nutritional punch that it packs. But did you know there’s so much more to this delicacy than meets the eye? So here are 2 food for thought nuggets to ruminate upon as you enjoy these sustainably caught tilapia from Fresh catch!

  1. Tilapia was a symbol of rebirth in Egyptian art and was also said to accompany and protect the sun god on his daily journey across the sky.
  2. In Brazil, Nile tilapia fish skin applied as a bandage is being used in a new clinical trial to treat burn injuries, and in the United States, tilapia skin has been used to successfully treat third-degree wounds to the paws of two black bears caught in California’s Thomas wildfire, and also to treat burns on the paws of a black bear from California’s Carr wildfire

We source our Tilapia from Fresh Catch Ltd. They operate an aquaculture farm located in Athi River where a team of marine specialists breed and rear tilapia using the healthiest, cleanest and most sustainable methods in the book. The farm is 100% solar-powered and all water used is recycled and reused in order to have a net positive impact on the environment. The fish are left to grow naturally with NO hormones and force-feeding to accelerate their growth. The water quality used in the ponds is carefully managed to ensure its hygiene and that no harmful residues, metals and pollutants end up in the fish.


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