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Sirimon Cheese

est. 2012 | location Laikipia

Sirimon Cheese was recently established as an artisan cheese studio where wholesome, natural products are created in the foothills of Mount Kenya.

Nestled amongst small-holders and with the clear waters from the Sirimon River running close by, a dairy lovers haven thrives. Like so many of our incredible producers, Sirimon do their part in the local community by working alongside the dedicated Kenyan small-holders whose livelihoods depend on a decent harvest of milk. 

Sourcing from Small-holders

Sirimon offers local farmers a market for their milk; and in return for the milk supply, Sirimon cheese supplies their famers with a nutrient rich feed for their cows as well as offering frequent training on best practices for livestock keeping. Sirimon Cheese has partnered with 2SCALE to provide ongoing training and technical assistance to farmers, some of whom have seen a 40% increase in milk yield as a result. They have also partnered with Bunda Cake Feeds, Sunrise Agricultural Supplies and the local community to set up an agrovet store where farmers can purchase subsidized farm inputs on credit, based on milk supply – which helps the farmers grow and develop their businesses.

The Sirimon Way 

The team at Sirimon cheese are consciously leaving as small a footprint on the earth as possible, working with state-of-the-art processing machinery to ensure efficiency, consistency and hygiene. Absolutely no genetically modified, synthetic or artificial ingredients are used in the processing of Sirimon cheese. All of the products are also vegetarian and processed in their Halal certified factory. 

Systematic but artistry 

A precise combination of the finest starter cultures, natural rennet and whole milk sourced from the local community creates the magic that is Sirimon cheese. Although Sirimon is primarily artisanal and authentic in their processing to achieve their delicious creamy and distinct flavour, nothing is left to chance. Exacting measurements, temperatures and times are pedantically monitored to ensure a consistently exceptional product.

Just a quick fun fact to make you feel better about your cheese addiction – when cheese is digested, it breaks down into an opioid. Other opioids you may know about are heroin and morphine.

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est. 2020 | employees 18
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