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Tamalu Farm

est. 2018 | location Maritati Farm

Tamalu’s long-term aim is to lead the region’s transition towards better land stewardship for small to medium scale acreages as well as contribute to the movement globally; a center of excellence that advocates world class produce cultivated in a way that is ecologically sound, economically viable and socially inclusive. On our doorstep, on the foothills of Mt. Kenya, this amazing farm is showcasing how we can grow food more responsibly. 

A Revival Story

This once tired and drained land now blooms with fruit and veg of all different types, and even supports pasture raised layers and a grazing sheep flock. Starting as flower farm more than 15 years ago, and then following an idle period of 12 years where nothing was cultivated, the Tamalu team took over full management of this 10-acre site in January 2019. With a select team of local Kenyans nurtured and trained in the principles and methodologies of Regenerative Agriculture, they have begun the steady transformation into a working showcase of agro-ecological integrity. 

Tamalu’s Core Methodology

Tamalu is farmed on the principles of Regenerative Agriculture. Tamalu recognize that that the mechanics and objectives of agriculture must change in order for Africa to successfully nourish her people in the next 50 years. They now farm with these questions in mind ‘How can farming put carbon back into the soil; pay living wages; feed people healthy food and in so doing, cement itself as the engine that drives Africa’s economic, social and ecologically transformation’. Split into a number of small enterprises Tamalu grow a combination of cash crops and have created an agroforestry market garden. African agriculture needs a leadership story and the team at Tamalu Farm believe that regenerative agriculture is that story.

Farming and education 

Tamalu currently consists of half an acre of growing space with over 80 varieties of integrated fruit, vegetable, herb, native and timber tree species. The layout of the beds is based on the Brazilian technique of “syntropy”, an elegant solution applicable to any land owner in any climate, which provides a balance of conservation, aesthetics and profit. Their cash crops are grown on a seasonal basis and include Blueberries, Gooseberries, Passion Fruit, Miraa and Pepino Melons. Their fantastic website and social media pages include super informative blog posts on how to store veg to keep it fresh and reduce waste and detailed but easy to understand scientific information on specific fruit and veg. They believe, just like us, that knowing what you eat and where it comes from is vital.

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