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est. 1999 | location Burguret

The Company strapline ‘stop and smell the roses’ is the farm’s overarching philosophy. Placing your nose against the velvet petals of a rose is almost instinct and Tambuzi roses remind us why with their exquisite scent. However, besides this literal meaning, this strapline is an everyday reminder to all who set foot on Tambuzi, to be always mindful of what you do and enjoy it. 

About the Owners 

In the mid 1990s, Tim and Maggie Hobbs – a young and dynamic couple with Kenyan roots, came across a beautiful, derelict livestock farm on the foothills of Mount Kenya only miles from the Equator. At an altitude of 1,900m, with 10 hours of sunshine a day and 800mm of rain a year, Tim and Maggie could immediately see the potential for rose growing. Like farms around the world, Tambuzi has become the place that Tim, Maggie and their three children call home, and, as such, is so much more than just a business.

The name Tambuzi portrays the humble beginning to Tim and Maggie’s success story that is now the only specialized Scented Garden Rose farm in Africa. Tambuzi comes from the abbreviation Tim And Maggie and the goats (mbuzi in Swahili) that they began their farming journey with – TAMBUZI. 

Carbon Neutral Gold Standard

Tambuzi is the first flower farm in the world to be Carbon Neutral Gold Standard. An absolutely incredible achievement that showcases their untiring dedication to safeguarding our planet for future generations. Harvesting rain water, vermi-composting green waste and using solar energy are just a few techniques Tambuzi use to decrease their carbon foot-print. Tambuzi has become a role model, showing the rest of Kenya, and the world, that it is possible to be a successful carbon neutral business. 

Their Team 

Considering the neighboring community to be part of their strength and success, wherever possible Tambuzi look to employ rather than mechanise. On average, each employee has between six and ten dependents, so employment created by Tambuzi directly benefits over 3,000 people. Their Fairtrade policies ensure that every member of the team has a voice and imbeds consideration for positive social impact into their decision making.

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