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The Chocolate Bar

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The Chocolate Bar is a craft chocolate manufacturing company based out of their factory in Nairobi. They started their journey in November 2014, creating and experimenting with lots of different types of chocolate, some worked and some didn’t. From having a small little factory with one employee to now a full-fledged chocolate factory based in Baba Dogo, Nairobi. The founder Naheed Ahmed is a trained chocolatier and chocolate maker. He trained and worked in Cape Town, South Africa for 4 years before coming back home to Kenya to set sail. Making chocolate has been his job and passion ever since he started working with chocolate back in 2011

A Message from the Founder – Naheed Ahmed 

African cocoa is said to be some of the best in the world. We are so proud to be able to make chocolate at source in the continent. Proudly “TREE TO BAR IN AFRICA” or “TREE TO CHOCOLATE IN AFRICA” using some of the finest cocoa beans. We believe is transparency and so the few ingredients listed are actually what is being used to make our chocolate. No bulking agents, chemicals and or artificial additives/preservatives are used in our manufacturing processes. Our micro batch manufacturing processes allow us to control the quality and maintain consistency throughout manufacturing. We continue to strive at making the best chocolate, and to be able to put African chocolate on the world map. 

How they Source Cocoa 

The Chocolate Bar cocoa is sourced from fair trade and organic certified sources. They pay higher than usual prices for cocoa, encouraging small holder farmers to grow high quality cocoa rather than focusing their efforts on producing large quantities of lower grade cocoa. In Uganda, an area of extreme poverty, 700+ families of small holder farmers have been positively impacted from supplying their cocoa. In Tanzania, 2000+ small holder farmers grow cocoa for a living. The Chocolate Bar are directly impacting the lives of these small holders and take huge responsibility in this. 

Cocoa to Chocolate in Nairobi 

On receiving these beautiful cocoa beans, The Chocolate Bar team begin by sorting the cocoa. Removing all the deformed, tiny, flat beans and selecting all the healthy good beans that then go on to get roasted. Follow a different roast profile that they have mastered depending on the origin of the bean. Once roasted and cooled they winnow the beans. This is the process of separating the cocoa nibs and husks. Next, they grind and conch the cocoa for 24-48hrs to achieve the highest quality, smooth delicious craft chocolate. After grinding and coaching, the chocolate then gets tempered set into various different moulds, and finally packed into beautiful chocolate boxes. 

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