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location. Tiwi, South Coast

We love the philosophy at Tiwani: the focus is on producing the finest quality spirulina and moringa, and to stay true to the superfood that these foods are. As a business, Tiwani is also driven by seeing their customers feel the benefits of spirulina to the greatest extent; which of course is exactly why we’d love it as a producer. Health is wealth!

Spirulina, the Super Food 

Spirulina is a powerful, ancient and naturally occurring super-food. What makes spirulina interesting is that it is one of the richest protein sources on Earth and because it is a bacteria it has no cell wall like plants and animals, which makes it extremely digestible.

Tiwani’s particular strain originated from Lake Natron, a mineral-rich soda lake in southern Kenya, on the border with Tanzania.The perfect coastal weather in Tiwi makes for the ideal spirulina growing conditions; clean air and hot sunny days.

The 1 acre farm that Tiwani farms their spirulina on, is built around maximising quality and every stage of the production process has been meticulously designed to ensure a purer final product. The precious spirulina is protected in enclosed polythene greenhouses, which gives the spirulina ideal growing conditions, creating a more potent purer final product. 

Tiwani believes in spirulina as the food for the future and we believe in an alternative and holistic approach to new age health. The only thing truly constant in the world is change itself and we actively look to adapt and improve our growing and processing methods, if it results in a better quality and efficiency. 

​Staying healthy is a commitment and we hope to make it more convenient for you; by incorporating spirulina into an alternative lifestyle towards natural and holistic health. Our bodies are complex organic organisms, but if we give them the right inputs our bodies are capable of protecting and healing themselves.

​Food is medicine, prevention will always be superior to cure and in the end we are what we eat. Spirulina is the food for the future and will play an ever increasingly important part of our daily diets as well as reduce our strain on our planets finite resources.

Ethical and Ecological 

Tiwani works hard to be both ethical and ecological, making no impact on the environment or the water table.

The staff at Tiwani are empowered to take pride in producing a super Kenyan product and to focus on efficient and quality work, this in turn creates a product that has been produced with special care. In an ongoing mission, Tiwani also trains their staff in new skills and educates them about aquaculture, business and their responsibility to society as a whole, in a hope to further their personal development. 

About the Founder

Jack was brought up in the wilds of Laikipia, and always had an interest in food. After finishing school, he attended Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland and there the interest turned into a full blown passion as he learnt about their approach to organic farming, and relationship with all elements of food. He went on to work in two Michelin starred restaurants in Berlin before returning home where he knew the quality of meat could be better.

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