Vergelegen’s Seared Fillet in mushroom sauce


800g Beef Fillet
50g Butter
Few sprigs Thyme

400g Baby Spinach

6 Baby Onions
100g Butter
Few sprigs Thyme

250g assorted Mushrooms
Half an Onion
One clove of Garlic
Few sprigs Thyme
125ml White Wine
250ml Cream
1teaspoon Dijon mustard

Potato Pap
3 medium sized Potatoes
100ml Cream
50g Butter


Potato Pap:

Bake 3 medium sized potatoes until soft. Mash the potatoes through a drum sieve. Allow to cool. Return to the pot and heat, whilst incorporating 100ml cream and 50g butter. The mash should become starchy the more you work with it – it will slowly resemble the texture of pap (maize meal). Season to taste.

Baby Onions:

Vacuum pack 6 baby onions with a few sprigs of thyme, 50g of butter and season lightly. Cook the onions in rapidly boiling water for 18 minutes and let cool. To serve, slice each onion long ways, peel off the skin and place face down in a pot with 50g butter, season and fill with water until onions are half submerged. Cook out the water until dry and the face of the onions are golden brown.

Mushroom sauce:

Chop half an onion, 1 clove of garlic, fry in a hot pan with a little oil until translucent with a few sprigs of thyme. Add half a cup of wine and reduce until almost dry. Add 1tspn Dijon mustard, stir in, add 1 cup of cream and reduce over a low heat so as not to boil until sauce coats the back of a spoon. Strain and set aside.


Slice mushrooms into 3mm strips and shallow fry in a hot pan in a little oil. Transfer to warm sauce to serve.

Beef Fillet:

Roll the trimmed Beef fillet tightly in plastic wrap and vacuum seal in a bag. Sous vide at 54 celsius for 30min. Remove from vacuum bag and plastic wrap and seal in a scolding hot pan with a drop of oil. Finish with a few sprigs of thyme and a knob of butter to serve.


Wilt the baby spinach in a hot pan, season to taste.


Serve with: Vergelegen Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot



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