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We believe that shopping the best quality products in Kenya should not cost you your entire weekend. Greenspoon is your all in one bakery, butchery, wine shop, milkman, greengrocer and much more! We source the best products we can find, so you do not have to! With Greenspoon you get Honestly Delicious products from the comfort of your home! Living a healthy and happy (food) life has never been easier!

  • We are an online-only shop! Our warehouse is based in Regen, Kikuyu – you are always welcome to give us a visit! The location on Google Maps is accurate.
  • When you visit us, please make sure you approach us through Waiyaki Way. Google Maps also sends you through a blocked road if you exit from the Southern Bypass.
  • Once at the website, you can navigate to the different product categories we have. We have separate sections for items that are on sale or new.
  • There is a search button at the top to make it easier to find products.
  • If you can not find anything please contact us.
  • You can pay using M-Pesa or Credit Card (please pay in advance – if that is an issue, let us know).
  • We deliver 7 days per week, so the order will be with you in no time!.
  • For urgent matters you can call us at +254 727 444 777 between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.
  • For less urgent matters you can contact us through WhatsApp +254 727 444 777. If you save the number it will be easier for you to reach us!

We have very competitive pricing on our site, and we frequently check what prices others are selling, to ensure we have the same pricing. Please let us know if you have seen lower prices, and we’ll work on ensuring we reduce our prices.

Shopping Online

We recommend downloading our app!! You can also use our Quick Shop which has a list of all the items you have ever purchased – this makes it easy to do your weekly shop and also helps in not forgetting anything! Quick shop is available on the app, website and mobile site.

No, we do not have a minimum order value; however, home delivery is available from 2000/-.

For most products we only sell what we have in stock – if you have any requests that go beyond what we have stocked, please contact our Customer Experience team and we can place an order through our backend!

  • It can happen that somebody else checked out between the time you added to cart and checked out. However it can also be the case that you have an order that was not completed and that has reserved stock.
  • To resolve this, you can go to your Account > Order History to see any orders that are still open. From there you can pay or cancel the order, so you the reserved stock is released.

Please try once more – or contact our team through WhatsApp: they can place an order through our backend!

Yes you can! When you check out – select: this is a gift and you can write a gift message. The receiver will get a handwritten postcard with your message!

You can! However we have disabled this on our website as we sell a lot of seasonal items – in most cases this will be possible, please contact our Customer Experience team to pre-order!

We operate a system where if you have an account, we can apply funds. We use this when we need to refund you for something that we may have missed in your order (although if you prefer to get Mpesa back we will also do that). And we also use funds when you return some of the bottles or jars that go back to our suppliers as part of our Circular Economy scheme. We love to encourage you to be an awesome citizen of the world and to be part of reusing and recycling as much packaging as possible. 

  • Once the funds have been credited into your funds account you will get an Email notification.

  • On the top right corner where the customer name appears. Select the drop down, it will give you a list of options with refunds and funds details.

On the check out page, click on apply Funds or coupon.

This is unfortunately something that happens with some international credit cards. It is something that is there to protect you from fraud. Sometimes banks consider transactions in countries like Kenya suspicious. You can contact us to get a payment link to complete the payment. Also, you can contact your bank with the payment error so they can disable the security protection.

Delivery FAQs

  • For orders less than 2000/- we have click & collect points at Ikigai lower Kabete and Tin Roof Karen.
  • For orders between 2000/- to 5000/- within Nairobi, we charge a delivery fee of Ksh 200 within Nairobi, 500 KES within reach of Nairobi.
  • For orders above 5000/- within Nairobi, delivery is free.
  • For orders outside Nairobi, we currently charge a fee of 700/- which covers the cost of transport and your polystyrene box.

Once your order has been shipped out, you will get an SMS alert and an email notifying you your order is on the way to you and at what time you can expect our drivers to deliver. If the order is On The Way, you will also receive a tracking link through email where you can see the live location of the Driver.

If you place your order before 12pm, you will receive your order the same day (before 7 PM)  if you reside in Nairobi and the next day outside Nairobi. In your email you will receive a tracking link from which you can follow and contact the driver.

Yes. We deliver the same day in Nairobi and the next day (almost) everywhere in Kenya via Fargo courier. Some destinations in Kenya have a longer processing time, for example Turkana.

  • We deliver via Wells Fargo courier country-wide.
  • We have the cold/frozen items well packed in airtight, insulated boxes with ice packs, keeping the product cool for at least 48 hours.

Select the county and location where you are. Fargo will ship the order overnight to the nearest post station and will give you the option to collect or deliver the order.

  • To receive your order between 11 am – 3 pm, please place the order before 10 pm.
  • To receive an order between 3 pm – 7 pm,  please place the order before 12 pm.
  • We can often deliver faster – if you require this, please give us a call or WhatsApp.

Please contact us, we can send a rider to make sure you get your order as soon as we can (within 2 hours from order)!

Please put this in the order notes when you check out, we try our best to adhere to your request. To be sure, it is wise to contact us through WhatsApp to check the delivery timeline!

For now we do not have a warehouse collection point. We however have Click & Collect centers at Tin Roof Karen and Ikigai in Lower Kabete, home delivery and via Wells Fargo outside Nairobi.

Yes, we deliver nationwide!

Why Greenspoon?

  • We only sell products which we believe are honestly good for you, society and the planet. We pre-select suppliers and products based on
    • Quality – we love it when products follow small-scale artisanal production methods to ensure the best taste, quality and structure.
    • Food safety – our products safe to consume and free from antibiotics, unapproved pesticides, aflatoxin and other harmful elements.
    • Sustainability – our products produced with tomorrow in mind.
    • Animal welfare – the meat we sell cruelty free.
    • Ethical standards – the companies we work with have high ethical standards and are not involved in corruption or power abust.

Organic food is the product of a farming system which avoids the use of man-made fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and livestock feed additives. This means that there will not be harmful chemicals on your product and the product is very safe for consumption. Because the food grows naturally, it keeps more flavor and has a better structure.

We try our best to source as much organic product as possible, however at the moment the market for pure organic products is too small for many suppliers to focus on organic. If you join the Greenspoon movement you will support suppliers to move to more organic farming!

Yes. We work with our suppliers who bake fresh bread and other pastries every morning! Which we then deliver on the same day within Nairobi.

We typically ship semi-ripe fruits and vegetables in kikapus, and stay away from as much plastic as possible. We choose semi-ripe because it’s better for transport and it makes sure that the product can stay for a while when it reaches your home!

Producers are obliged to put an “expiry date” on a product. This date should be seen as a best-before date, because the product is often still safely consumable and of good quality after the expiration date. This holds especially for canned products and frozen products. With our Too Good To Go page, we give you an opportunity to snap these products at a good discount while also reducing food waste!

Yes, please do and we can recycle!

We do too!! We are working closely with many of our suppliers to change their packaging, however, if you have specific suggestions please let us know. If you want your order to be plastic-free or you have any preferences, please include it in the order notes and we will do our best!

Other FAQs

  • Ofcourse! You can leave a review on:
  • Even better if you tell your friends!

Please contact us and we can consider listing if the product adheres to our philosophy!

Kindly share an email with a brief of your products to our Products Team via adrian@greenspoon.co.ke.

Yes, on occasions! Give us a WhatsApp or call on 0727444777 and tell us what you need to order.

It is best if you share your resume, and a good introduction to hr@greenspoon.co.ke. Follow our LinkedIn page for the latest news and vacancies.

Greenspoon is privately owned by the directors Juliet & Alexander and a consortium of investors from The Netherlands. They have also invested in Bio Food Products and Highlands Mineral Water Company in Kenya. Greenspoon is a 100% separate entity. Read more here: https://greenspoon.co.ke/greenspoon-ltd-secures-growth-capital-for-rapid-expansion/

At this moment we are not, but you can always get in touch with alexander@greenspoon.co.ke for investment opportunities.

No, we do not have a minimum order value; however, home delivery is available from 2000/-.

You can always contact:

  • Juliet Kennedy – juliet@greenspoon.co.ke zero seven two four four two one four zero nine https://www.linkedin.com/in/julietaggmanning/
  • Alexander Osinga – alexander@greenspoon.co.ke zero seven five eight seven two four one seven zero https://www.linkedin.com/in/aosinga/

You can contact Julius Kamau – julius@greenspoon.co.ke zero seven two five three nine six nine three zero.

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