Welcome to greenspoon. There’s something about having a family that makes you re-evaluate everything you’re doing, right down to the food you put in your stomach. Then comes weaning, and you start to worry about the source of the food, how it was made, who made it, and what went into it.

Having always had a passion for food, this stage in life encouraged us to look further afield for quality produce. And in turn, led us to setting up greenspoon as a portal for anyone to access the same quality ingredients.

We know that wonderful, beautifully grown food should be available to everyone. Our heroes are the farmers, cooks and producers who are helping us to find genuinely good food. The journey so far has been exciting to say the least; we’ve found artisan producers all over the region, many of whom started by operating out of their kitchens. But most of all, we’ve found a huge amount of passion for authentic ingredients that aren’t necessarily mass produced.

packaging and treading lightly on the planet

We feel strongly about reducing as much pressure on the fragile planet as possible. To that end, we are constantly working with our producers to try and come up with sustainable ideas around packaging. By delivering food to houses (and a minimum order of Kshs 2000) we are perhaps helping customers avoid an unnecessary journey (or three) in their own cars.

If you see this sign on any product, it means the packaging is returnable. Please return it clean.

We would love to get a solar powered delivery van one day, and to be able to tell you all our power comes from the sun, but we aren’t quite there! Big dreams, small steps. Come on this journey with us by giving us as much feedback as you’d like to – we listen to everything.