We are a purpose driven company; and proud to be a business for good.

Download our Sustainable Purchasing Guide here: FULL GS Sustainability Guide

Our mission is to change the way you shop. By connecting you with the source of your food, we hope that you will see the value in understanding about the process, passion and purpose that all our producers carry throughout the creation of our products. We would like this awareness to continue through to everything you buy with a consideration on whether it is good for you, good for the planet, and good for the local economy.

This platform exists to bring you closer to the producers of your food. At the same time, we provide a platform for small, artisanal producers, to bring their products to market. Some of our producers are very small enterprises. Others are larger. But every single one on this site has been carefully curated for you. We look at quality (which includes ingredients and flavour), environmental impact (which includes how the products are made and packaged), and community impact.

Our philosophy for being a business for good extends to details such as where our servers are hosted, and how we work with customers and producers to reduce packaging and recycle where possible – as you’ll see below.

We know that wonderful, beautifully grown food should be available to everyone. Our heroes are the farmers, cooks and producers who are helping us to find genuinely good food. The journey so far has been exciting to say the least; we’ve found artisan producers all over the region, many of whom started by operating out of their kitchens. But most of all, we’ve found a huge amount of passion for authentic ingredients that aren’t necessarily mass produced.


recognised by the BCCK Integrity Index (2020)

Greenspoon is listed as a company committed to integrity in the inaugural Integrity Index by the British Chamber of Commerce Kenya (BCCK). The Index features
companies based in Kenya, that have a track record in working with integrity with multinational organisations and BCCK members.

The Index is part of the Business Integrity Initiative (BII) pilot programme, which is run by BCCK in partnership with the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in Kenya. The BII provides practical guidance on navigating integrity challenges and provides a range of platforms to increase peer to-peer private sector engagement. It also works with the Kenyan authorities to promote improvements to local market conditions.


packaging and treading lightly on the planet

We feel strongly about reducing as much pressure on the fragile planet as possible. To that end, we are constantly working with our producers to try and come up with sustainable ideas around packaging. By delivering food to houses (and a minimum order of Kshs 2000) we are perhaps helping customers avoid an unnecessary journey (or three) in their own cars.

Brown’s Milk Bottles, Laki Laki Glass Yoghurt Jars, The Vegan Treat Company Glass Jars, 254 Brewing Beer Bottles, Booch Bottles, Bateleur Beer Bottles, Freshly Vegetable Boxes (in good condition), any Grounded Packaging.


an eco-friendly website

We host our website with Kinsta, which is a forward thinking hosting company that uses renewable energy whenever possible. They are rated as one of the top 3 eco-hosting companies in the world.