Brown’s Cheese

Brown’s is one of East Africa’s most established homegrown food brands, literally starting in the kitchen over 32 years ago. Fond as he was of brie, David Brown convinced his wife Sue to start making it at home with excess milk from their dairy herd, and today the company has burgeoned into the largest producer of cheese in the East African region.

Brown’s is now owned by Delia (David & Sue’s daughter) and her husband Andy, who have expanded production into ice-cream, preserves, cheese crackers and more. Their cheese is made from milk sourced from local farmers, and pecorino from Maasai sheep in the Rift Valley.

Wherever possible, Brown’s support local growers and producers, unless of course they can’t get the quality they are after, which can sometimes result in Delia gallivanting all over the continent to find the perfect ingredient (see Delia’s Chocolate Ice Cream)! Brown’s is based on a farm in Limuru, just outside Nairobi, where you can visit for a farm tour and delicious lunch. Products in the Brown’s range include Delia’s ice-cream, Sticky Fingers and The Cracker Shack.

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