Cardamom Lemon Cream

Hot Cross Buns come but once a year, so when they do, make it count! We’ve come up with this scrumptious filling, which harks back to my childhood. My mother used to make what she called Ambrosia – equal part cream to yoghurt with crunchy brown sugar mixed in and a grating of chocolate (if we were lucky) on the top. I took this principle, but created a yummy spicy mix that goes really well with the subtle spices found in hot cross buns.


3 tbsp Bio Greek Yoghurt
3 tbsp Brown’s Mascarpone
1 tsp Sushila’s Chai Spice
1 tsp caster sugar
Grated zest of half a lemon


Mix the mascarpone and yoghurt until fully combined (I use an electric whisk for this). Add in the sugar and spice, and zest. Serve with warm hot cross buns.