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Here’s To a Future of Plastic Free Products

“Sustainability is at the heart of what we do.” I wasn’t even a day old at Greenspoon when this was made clear to me by the Product and Sustainability lead. I was just sitting waiting to be shown around when he came to me to bounce off an idea on how he could assess quite how much positive impact Greenspoon was having on the environment.
We have one of the largest collections of eco-friendly products, including products in eco-friendly and plastic-free packaging.
If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re aware and concerned about our planet’s waste and plastic problem. Excessive packaging – for food, beauty, and cleaning products – has been a problem for decades, polluting our earth, clogging drainages, and washing up on our shores eventually.

More recently, excess packaging used for online purchases has also added to the problem. This is where we come in. The responsibility is partly with individuals (Goes without saying that everything starts with you—at the risk of sounding like the government), but mostly with retailers and brands, to come up with eco-friendly packaging ideas, sustainable packaging materials, no plastic products, and responsible supply chains.

Green packaging, meaning plastic-free products, eco-friendly packaging, or zero waste packaging is the future. Less packaging helps us tackle the growing waste and plastic problem we’re currently experiencing.
Our clients know these and are continually asking for a lot less packaging. We have been on home compostable packaging. We are slowly introducing wooden crates wherever possible, to reduce packaging altogether.

There are plenty of ways to be proactive and reduce your carbon footprint one of them being to consume less – and this includes consuming less packaging. Packaging increases our carbon footprint because carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are used to produce, transport, and dispose of the packaging material used.
By taking steps to buy products that are unpackaged, plastic-free, or eco-friendly, you’re helping to prevent plastic pollution. We know what will happen if we don’t stop plastic pollution – our earth and seas will become choked, fish and animal species will die out and we’ll experience more harmful effects on our health.
It’s important we all take steps to learn how to stop plastic pollution in the ocean and on earth. It’s often the simple everyday changes that make a big difference, such as switching from plastic and disposable water containers, cutlery, and lunch boxes, to plastic-free alternatives. At Greenspoon, we not only take back glass jars and bottles from our clients but we also welcome ideas that will help us achieve sustainability and so far, the feedback has been worthwhile.
Register for The Green Run 2022. Happening on 20th March 2022 to raise funds for the fencing of the Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary. An important green space in our city and home to fabulous flora and fauna.

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