We are a teeny-weeny family run enterprise that prides ourselves as being the only manufacturer of Licorice candy in the East African region. Licorice is often misconstrued and labelled as “that black, salty aniseed candy” however, here at Confini we specialize in different flavoured licorice.

What makes licorice different to other candies? One of our main ingredients is wheat flour. As a result, our levels of sugar are lower and we also get the characteristic chewy feel. Our candy is a good source of Carbohydrates. Based on various consumer feedback, we do not use High Fructose Corn Syrup as well as Gelatine in our candy. Our range of beans also do not have any shellac. Shellac is used to make candy shinny. Where ever possible, we try to be as natural in our process to add to our healthy credentials.

Being local is very important to us – 99% of our products are manufactured using locally sourced raw materials.

We are a passionate bunch of entrepreneurs and are constantly evolving and learning through experiences with our customers. As mentioned in our logo – Since Yesterday – we are a day old everyday – we are constantly evolving as we learn from our most trusted friends – our customers & consumers.