In the lush highlands of Tigoni, Paul and Diana Thomson have been raising healthy, happy chickens and practicing organic farming for over 30 years. The philosophy that chickens, whether raised for eating or for eggs, should be bought up as naturally as possible is at the core of the Thompson’s business. 

As natural as possible 

Ithanji chickens are given free range of their farm fields where they cluck around mountains of organic greens that are grown on the farm. At night they are tucked into warm, dry litter that keeps them safe in the chilly Tigoni climate. The next day they head out again…this free-range lifestyle means that Ithanji chickens grow up without the need for antibiotics to keep them healthy or hormones to make they grow. Instead, the hybrid broilers and layers are supplemented with local maize and layers mash from the best feed companies in Kenya. We can assure you that absolutely no baddies are going into these chucks or the eggs that they produce.


Broiler processing and care 

This natural philosophy is maintained even through the processing of the broilers. Humanly slaughtered by hand and then dry plucked, each chicken is given huge amounts of attention. Dry plucking means that no water is used which is important to the Thomsons who go to huge lengths to conserve water. Large dams on their Farms collect rain water which is then given to their chickens in automatic feeders which means there is no wastage. Composting the bedding to then use on their huge range of organic greens is an example of the wholistic approach that produces delicious chickens and eggs. 


Supporting women

The Thomson’s employ women to help raise the chickens. Through this, these women receive invaluable training on chicken farming and are also supported by the veggies grown on the Farm. Diana and Paul have hopes to open up a Kindergarten to provide a safe and affordable place for these working mothers to leave their children as they carry out their daily tasks.

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