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Farmer’s Choice IQF Sausages

KShs 439

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Indulge in the mouth-watering goodness of Farmer’s Choice IQF Sausages – perfectly seasoned and expertly crafted for a burst of flavor in every bite! Our sausages are made from premium cuts of meat and are quick-frozen to lock in freshness, ensuring that every time you cook them, you’ll savor the same exceptional taste and quality as if they were just made.

They are packed in different flavors:

Cumberland, Pork & Herb, Pork & Garlic, Pork Plain 

Experience the unbeatable combination of juicy, savory, and smoky flavors, all in one package of Farmer’s Choice IQF Sausages. Perfect for grilling, frying, or even baking, these sausages are versatile and easy to prepare, making them a go-to choice for busy weeknights or weekend barbecues. So why wait? Satisfy your cravings today with Farmer’s Choice IQF Sausages and enjoy the taste of pure deliciousness!

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