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Soko Ugali Maize Flour – 2Kg

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Capwell Industries Limited which was founded in 1999 with a milling factory in Thika. Since then, they have grown to diversify their product offering to over 30 different nutritious food products for you and your family!

Anyone can tell you that their food is safe. This is why at Capwell Industries Limited, they are not just safe, they are HACCP compliant. This means that they ensure their food safety processes meet the highest international standards, ensuring you get a wholesome, healthy meal every time you use their products.

Their HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification is a symbol of our commitment and promises to continuously deliver safer and quality products.

There’s a reason why Soko ugali is the number 1 maize flour in Kenya, and no, it’s not because of the hilarious ads 😂😂. Soko maize flour is renowned for producing the softest, tastiest and most nutritious ugali! 😋 Soko Maize Meal is made by grinding the entire maize kernel into milled flour. Soko Maize Meal has been fortified with vitamins and minerals making it healthier and more nutritious for the whole family. Soko maize flour is coarsely ground adding character to the flour for an enjoyable meal experience.


Vitamin A – Essential for good vision and prevention of infections.

B Vitamins- Enables the body to convert food into energy and help in maintaining healthy body tissue and immune system.

Folic Acid- Enhances formation of red blood cells and regeneration of cells.

Iron- Essential for healthy red blood cells.

ZincNecessary for proper energy metabolism and growth.


Minimum amount of nutrients in
100g of SOKO Fortified Maize Meal
Vitamin A 0.05mg 7.5%
Vitamin B1 0.30mg 30.0%
Vitamin B2 0.20mg 26.4%
Vitamin B3 1.49mg 22.5%
Folic acid 0.06mg 37.5%
Vitamin B6 0.20mg 30.0%
Vitamin B12 0.70 μg 10.0%
Total Iron 2.1ümg 25.0%
Zinc 3.30mg 40.0%


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