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est. 2015 | location Thika

Under the Burton & Bamber name, Sweetunda was formed. Sweetunda is on a mission to create world class products originating in Kenya while supporting local farmers. It’s a Thika based company specialising in preservation of fruit and other crops. In doing this, they are building a sustainable supply chain working with small and large scale farmers offering premium prices for premium quality fruit. Taste the fruits of Kenya!

100% Dried Fruit 

Kenya seems to produce just the sweetest tasting fruit; from plump, bright mangos to plush pineapples whose juice trickles down your chin as you bite into a round slice. Sweetunda have created something a little more fun whilst keeping the natural sweetness and nutrient packed properties of this raw fruit. Sweetunda encourages children to snack more healthily with their jazzy fruit rolls or their chewy dried fruit tubs which have absolutely no added sugar. They are perfect for the school run or a sweet treat in a packed lunched.

Combating waste

When in season, 75% of the annual Kenyan mango crop is lost due to disease, poor post-harvest handling, transportation issues, and lack of access to markets. The idea of this seemed absurd to Jonathan and Sarah, the owners of Sweetunda, who would see mango’s simply rotting in the fields instead of being sold for cash. Farmers explained that there were simply no links between the farm and the market. That was all Jonathan and Sarah needed to hear, they set out on a mission to solve this problem. Setting up an agro-processing company with a vision to create income for farmers and reduce food loss, Sweetunda was created. 

Training and a Market 

Sweetunda have partnered with institutional partners to deliver farmer training and achieve farm certifications to give farmers the opportunity to access international markets. Empowering farmers to become Global GAP certified through working on crop management over two mango seasons, has seen an increase in nearly 50% of processed fruit yields due to improvement in crop quality. Sweetunda buy this top quality fruit and process it through simple dehydration to bring you their delicious dried fruit products that won’t only change yours, but have already changed the lives of multiple Kenyan farmers.

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