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Jars Of Goodness

est. 2011 | employees 3

Cooking is more than a passion for Neelma who founded and run’s Jars of Goodness; it is a way of expressing love towards her family and friends. Cooking in her home kitchen whilst her daughter watches and learns reflects the same image of her watching and helping her own mother as a child. Neelma set out to make a variety of products with as few preservatives as possible in order to ensure that they were safe for her children to consume. As more and more of her friends tasted the delicious results, she was persuaded to start a larger enterprise, and that has led to Jars of Goodness.

Honestly homemade 

Neelma’s home kitchen is where all the magic happens, truly artisanal with no commercial equipment she musters up the most fabulous products. Neelma believes there is no substitute for fresh locally sourced ingredients that she sources from local fruit and veg markets or picks straight from her home organic veggie garden. When we asked Neelma what she took most pride in, she said her flavors. The tireless experimenting of combinations, recipes and techniques shows Neelma’s passion and determination to find new and exciting products. Jars of Goodness is the only 100% Kenyan manufacturer of pestos and vinaigrette, all local ingredients and all locally made with care. 

No compromises

Plastic does not appear in the packaging of Neelma’s products even though this may be more convenient for her. Similarly, she does not use any additives, preservatives or stabilizers to make her products last longer on the shelf or be more uniform. Neelmas says that she wants her products to be as if they had just come out of your own kitchen, nothing more complex just delicious home brewed flavors. With ever increasing regard for the environment, she has set up a veggie patch that she grows organic produce in and which is supplemented by her home composting system to reduce waste.

Jack was brought up in the wilds of Laikipia, and always had an interest in food. After finishing school, he attended Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland and there the interest turned into a full blown passion as he learnt about their approach to organic farming, and relationship with all elements of food. He went on to work in two Michelin starred restaurants in Berlin before returning home where he knew the quality of meat could be better.

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