Like so many of Green Spoon’s producers, Healthy Kajuju was born out of pure passion for good healthy food. Kajuju’s own life moto ‘a happy healthy life’ is what seemed to almost effortlessly create a business that she never thought she would have. Eating better made Kajuju feel so much better and we are so glad that she now shares her amazing zest for nutrient-rich food with us so that we can be certain that what we are putting into our bodies is good for us. Also hosting a gorgeously chatty but informative podcast also named Healthy Kajuju (she is a woman of many talents!), she provides an insight into her plant-based lifestyle as she talks about building her brand and career. 

From Kajuju to Healthy Kajuju 

Healthy Kajuju began when Kajuju was at university and decided to start documenting her decision to make better life-style choices; switching to a plant-based diet was one of these. Blogging gave her confidence to experiment ideas and foods with friends and family and share her positive skin transformation due to her change in diet. Finishing university, friends began asking for more recipes and she began attending small organic markets with delicious fresh juices she was experimenting with. Still cooking out of her parent’s kitchen whilst a friend designs her first logo and label, Kajuju can’t seem to meet the demand for healthy snacking options. With oats and seeds all over the less than sufficient kitchen space she decides to create her own kitchen. Luckily, she does as Green Spoon soon finds her at local farmers market and fall in love with her brand and products and now we want all that we can get from her. 

Scrummy snacking & granolas 

Healthy Kajuju uses honey and dates to achieve the perfect sweet taste without any refined sugars and combines them with ingredients such as oats, sunflower seeds, coconut oil, chia seeds, millet, quinoa and amaranth which are incredibly powerful superfoods. With limited vegan and gluten free options on the market, Kajuju really wanted to make healthy snacking more accessible to everyone. All of her ingredients, where possible, are locally sourced from credible, trustworthy suppliers and are transformed into her yummy products all by hand.

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